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Stabilizing Orthotics

Special Offer for Orthotics (Expires 4/8/17)

In order for you to be healthy and active, it is critical that you have a healthy structure. Knee pain, foot pain, and shoulder pain can each quickly ruin an exercise program. Our clinic offers a biomechanical blueprint evaluation to assess your structure from the ground up. Beginning at the foundation, your balance is evaluated first. Next, the integrity of all three arches of each of your feet is evaluated. Most people are of the impression that only the arch at the inside of their foot matters. Unfortunately, no one ever made them aware that there is actually an arch at the outside of the foot (lateral arch) and across the front of the foot (transverse arch). Together, these three arches make a pyramid to support the foundation of your entire body. By the time you can see a flat foot with an untrained eye, the lateral arch (outside arch) and the transverse arch have both begun to fail.

After, examining the arches of the feet, a series of biomechanical x-rays are performed. The hallmark of this x-ray series is the Leg Length analysis taken with a specialized lead ruler. This is the only way to determine a precise measurement for a difference in leg length. Very few clinics offer this technology.

Conditions such as Plantar Fascitis, Shin Splints, Foot Pain, Knee Pain, lower back pain, sciatica and many others can be helped with custom orthotics. However, each of these conditions is the result of the biomechanical disturbance as evaluated above. The best time to begin biomechanical analysis is during the teenage years. If you find the wear and tear concerns early, the effects can be limited before they have had much time to cause lasting damage.

Special Offer Expires 4/8/17:

Update your current x-rays for $275 including the Leg Length X-Ray or get your biomechanical blueprint evaluated for $275 and get your custom orthotics for FREE. This offer reflects a generous manufacturer discount from Foot Levelers Corporation and is available for 1 week only. (Expires 4/8/17)