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  • ​Biomechanical Correction is Vital to Your Health and Longevity.
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​Biomechanical Correction is Vital to Your Health and Longevity.

Motion is life and you deserve to be healthy from the day you are born until your last breath of life. There are a number of reasons why your body may begin to lose the good quality of movement that it may have provided at one point in your life. Acute injuries will cause inflammation during the healing process. This healing process will often lead to scar tissue formation. Both of these things will decrease your ability to move the way in which your body was designed. Minor injuries, repetitive movements, structural characteristics and intense training are just a few of the very common causes of motion disturbances in your body.

These mild, often painless, motion disturbances will lead to more significant problems down the road. Degenerative changes within your spine and extremities are normal over the course of your lifetime. It is well known that as your spine ages it will go through a process of degeneration. However, the following question arises. "Why do some areas of your spine or certain joints degenerate quicker than others?" The answer is simple. The areas of your spine or extremities that age the quickest are typically the areas that are under the greatest mechanical stress. Chemical stress does play a role, especially due to inflammation, but this often stems from mechanical stress.

Areas under mechanical stress are not moving properly and are deteriorating quicker than they would if they were moving the way in which they were designed. This is where biomechanical correction comes into play. Mobilizing areas that have lost mobility will increase the health of those areas. If nothing else, this increased mobility will slow the process of deterioration. In an interview over a year ago, I was asked if it were true that after age 26 it is all downhill as far as our joints are concerned. My response was simple. I asked the young lady, "How steep is your hill?" Properly taking care of your structure will reduce the speed in which your joints will deteriorate.

Motion is life and you deserve to be healthy from the day you are born to your last breath of life. Take responsibility for your health and the health of those you care about. Have your spine and nervous system checked regularly and get adjusted. There is no pill that will ever do this for you. I am often asked where exercise fits in. Exercise is the final and possibly the most important supportive measure. It is short-sighted to try and simply exercise through the problem. Biomechanical correction must take place first and then you will need to exercise to strengthen proper motion. If this is done out of order, you will eventually get hurt.