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  • ​Less Pain Means Lower Golf Scores.
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​Less Pain Means Lower Golf Scores.

Lower Golf Scores, Now I Have Your Attention!

As we reach the middle of June, your golf season has likely reached full swing. At this point, you are probably either feeling good and playing great golf or you are having some trouble completing an entire 18 holes without discomfort. Back, neck, elbow and knee pain are just a few of the afflictions that add strokes to the game when your golf swing begins to take its toll.

You may recall earlier articles that describe how your body affects your golf swing and how your golf swing in turn will affect your body. By this point in the season, it is not uncommon for your golf swing affect your spine and extremities. As a result, you may have found that your aches and pains have increased your golf score.

The past several articles described various ways to increase your tissue tolerance. This can help decrease your vulnerability to injury while playing sports. Today, I would like to apply that information to golf injuries. By far, repetitive trauma is the most common manner in which a golfer is injured. Yes, there is the occasional Budweiser-related tipped over golf cart and the rare direct hit from another player's drive. However, the repetitive, unilateral movement of swinging your clubs with less than perfect mechanics will eventually exceed the tissue tolerance in some area of your body. The result is typically tendonitis or muscle strain, but may result in bursitis, ligament injury, stress fracture or a number of other repetitive stress injuries.

Gray Cook, a leading strength and conditioning professional, describes the body as a series of mobile joints connected by stable segments. If this balance is compromised, errors in your swing mechanics will occur and injury will follow. Make sure your body is in balance by taking care of your endurance and your strength. See your doctor of chiropractic to help improve the structural integrity of your musculoskeletal system. Attention to these details can help prevent injuries by increasing your tissue tolerance. You may also experience lower scores and a more enjoyable game of golf!