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Six Silent Signs of Subluxation

A newborn baby can't tell you when something is wrong.  They can't tell you when or where they hurt.  Yet, there are signs of something amiss.  If you see any of those signs in your little one, be sure to speak with your Family Wellness Chiropractor to schedule an evaluation.  

1. DIFFICULTY SLEEPING - changes in  or disrupted sleep patterns may be a sign of a slight misalignment in your infant's spine.  

2. POSITIONAL DISCOMFORT OR AN ALTERED POSTURE - if you notice that your baby is uncomfortable being held in certain positions this may be due to a spinal misalignment creating discomfort, resulting in their head being tilted to one side and/or looking over their shoulder.

3. WEAK IMMUNE SYSTEM - since the nervous system controls the immune system, many parents report their infants rarely develops colds or infections when benefiting from wellness chiropractic care.

4. NOT AT EASE - often parents note that when their child receives chiropractic care, their difficult to soothe or fussy baby is comfortable again.

5. RESPIRATORY AND FOOD ALLERGIES - the immune system is the source of all allergies, the body recognizes normal food items or airborne pollen as a foreign invader and goes into over-drive; a properly functioning nervous system may help avoid an overactive immune system.

6. DIGESTION AND ELIMINATION PROBLEMS - all of the body's systems and bodily functions are controlled by the nervous system and spinal misalignments may cause nerve interference, which could potentially be the underlying cause of colic, reflux, constipation, diarrhea or other common digestive distress.

If your baby has any of these six silent signs of subluxation, take a moment today to schedule your infant for a chiropractic evaluation with Dr. Brent G. Hextell, DC, Northern Colorado's Family Wellness Chiropractor.