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Over 120 Years Of Chiropractic

The first Modern Chiropractic Adjustment was delivered on September 18, 1895. The specific chiropractic adjustment has been around longer than nearly every modern medical treatment. It truly an intervention that has withstood the tests of time. As today's medical treatments go by the wayside do to lack of efficacy, you will see other medical trends come and go, but the specific chiropractic adjustment will change very little.

Did you know that the very first chiropractic adjustment was performed in 1895? This adjustment was not for back pain, it was not for neck pain, not for headaches, foot pain…it was not for shoulder pain or any other sort of pain. The birth of Chiropractic occurred while adjusting a patient who had lost his hearing as a result of an injury. As the mechanical disturbance was removed, the resultant neurological disruption was relieved and the man’s hearing was restored. The injury had caused a subluxation in Harvey Lillard’s spine that interfered with the nerve communication between the brain and the auditory organs. As a result, information could not properly flow between the two and the man could not hear. When the subluxation was removed, Harvey’s hearing was restored. Alas, the birth of a new form of healing was born. A healing process that is focused on removing interferences with the brain’s ability to coordinate the body’s functions. Imagine how many other neurological disturbances could be taking place in your body without any pain symptoms. Subluxations can affect any cell, organ or tissue in your body. As a result, your breathing, digestion and sleep are just a few examples of things that may be affected. Take a proactive approach to your health because many problems that can be helped with consistent chiropractic care can occur without any pain at all.

Postural disruptions lead to forward head posture. Every inch the head is displaced forward results in an additional 10 lbs of stress on the lower cervical spine. Over the course 10-12 years, degenerative effects are visible. After 20 years, advanced degeneration is very noticeable. It is best to start early while taking care of the health of your spine. The longer you wait, the more time degenerative effects have to occur. Make chiropractic a lifestyle choice early in life.